Jazz and Fashion: Take a Look of Fashion in the Jazz Era

Hey Guys!

You all know that I’m big fan of jazz music. I’ve been listening jazz since I was 10 years old by my mom’s family friend Philip. I love the jazz era. There were the conservative time where men wear suits and ties and then for the women wear long skater flow dresses or very fancy dress. Jazz is still a popular genre but it more target to mature audience instead of a young audience like myself. With out Jazz, we would not have hip hop, house music, soul and r&b.  I see more men and women are bring back the vintage style from the 1950s-1960s but as you know most hipster wear vintage clothing. You don’t have to be hipster to listen to indie or jazz. Just be yourself. Don’t follow the crowd or trends!

Billie Holiday

Nat Cole & Ella Fitzgerlad (Love the black gown dress)

Louis Armstrong with his dope sun glasess

Anita O Day ( Dopest cat singer ever)

Sarah Vaughn in 1948

Take a Listen to Anita O’Day at Newport Jazz Festival in 1958

Hold Up!!! Angela & Roi Just Releases New Purses Fall & Winter Collections!

Angela & Roi just released a new fall and winter purses collections. I am big fan of Angela & Roi!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s great to see Angela & Roi are supporting to fight breast cancer. I was honored to write an awesome new hand bag collections from Angela & Roi. I am excited that they are spreading a very important awareness through their collections .Each bags represented important cause to our society and plus that for every purchase, they would donate $5 for any cause! You could be stylish and still helping others! They’ve focused on their core mission to support cancer and disease fighters and to ethically make them with animal-friendly materials.

 Minimal Bucket

A&R Minimal Bucket

Minimal Bucket Bag – Minimally designed, bucket-shaped shoulder bag. Made of soft vegan leather

Moa Tote –  Sophisticated, elegant design. Made of high quality vegan leather

Moa Tote

Moa Tote

If you want to support the cause and still be stylish please go to


For any purchases will donate to any important cause