Exclusive Interview With #1Court Show Paternity Court Judge Lauren Lake! New Season Starts In September 22!!


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I did a special exclusive interview with #1 court show Paternity Court with Judge Lauren Lakes! Paternity Court’s new season starts in September 22! You better mark your calender for the new season.  I am a big fan of the show although I watch while I was blogging. It was an honor to get to chance to interview the Judge Lakes!




Me: Why is so important to have the show called Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court?


 Judge Lake: It’s important to be able to help families resolve issues relating to paternity. We
help them rid themselves of the secret, shame and denial that they’re carrying to get the truth they need to move forward.


Me: Should men should take a full responsibility for the child even though the child is not his?

Judge Lake: If a man has developed a relationship with a child, upon finding out that the child isn’t biologically his, if he has the strength and commitment to stay in a child’s life it’s a beautiful thing. As we always say on the show.”It takes DNA to make a father but it takes love to make a daddy.”


Me: Since I am a big fan of the Paternity Court and I am dying to know, Should a women get to know the guy first before they have a child? I see so many children were born out of wedlock especially in the black community.


Judge Lake: Unfortunately sex has become an extracurricular activity for some and that needs to change. People also need to stop engaging in activity that produces children if they can’t afford to take care of the children. Ultimately the children are innocent and deserve to know who both of their parents are.


Me: Are the cases real?


Judge Lake: The cases and the people are most certainly real. We cover a wide range of paternity issues. Real people, cases, emotions, and it can be really raw.


Me: Why is the paternity is so important today’s society?


Judge Lake: Historically, the paternity of a child was based on the word of the mother. But with DNA testing, we are able to answer those questions of paternity that can at times be hidden in secrecy and shame. It’s important for people to realize that paternity issues affect people from all different socioeconomic backgrounds. People deserve to know who their fathers are.




Me: What do you like to do in your spare time?


Judge Lake: When I’m not helping families on Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, I enjoy spending time with my family. I love going on dates with my son and my husband.


Me: How long have you been a legal expert?


Judge Lake: I became a licensed attorney in 1995 so I’ve been sharing my legal expertise for close to two decades, and I’ve been an on air legal analyst for the last 14 years.


Me: When you read the result of the DNA tests, Do you have any empathy for the parent who are/or not the father of the child(ren)?


Judge Lake: Of course, I don’t know the results until I read them for the first time in court so I can feel the emotion right along with them when they find out the truth – whether it’s happiness, sadness, etc.


Me: Would you ever start a “celebrity” paternity court?


Judge Lake: Many celebrities deal with paternity issues and I would most certainly help them uncover the truth just as I would help any family.


Special Thanks to Presiding Judge-Laurent Lake From”Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court”

Watch the new season Paternity Court in Sept 22! Check out your local listings

Warby Parker Collections Make Fashionable Glasses Look Dope!

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I was honored to write an blog post on One of the Most Fashionable prescription glasses Warby  Parker Collections. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in the 5th grade. I still continue to wear glasses. Next week, I will getting my similar pair from Warby Parker Collections. Do you know what crazy about it? You could get to virtual try-out the glasses from them. That’s awesome! It would save you time to try glasses of your choice at the store.

Warby Parker is very well-known prescriptions glasses in the my area ( Boston). They give different shapes and sizes that would suit to your personal lifestyle. Personally, I like a very round glasses. It’s makes me feel like I am a blogger, with the glasses that I have; I do have the hipster conservative blogger look.

Check out out Warby Parker Collection’s website and latest style  on the below! Remember smart glasses is always sexier than your ego!

Introducing the Waterway Collection

These are my ideal glasses ( Shoot! These glasses would give me a hipster look)

That's my ideal glasses! It matches to my personal look

That’s my ideal glasses! It matches to my personal look





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Tina Tyrell

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photographer Tina Tyrell

Mademoiselle Will be Attending This Year’s Boston Caribbean Fashion Week!!!

Yes, I will be attending this year’s Boston Caribbean Fashion Week! I am so excited for my press access of this year fashion show. The Boston’s Caribbean Fashion Week started from August 11- August 15 which it’s happening this week. I will be attending on August 15.

If you’re in the Boston area, Please check out the fashion show! :D


Top Fashion Products for Aug 10th, 2014

Updates, Updates, & More Updates

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been very busy with debating,frustrating and crying about my freelance publicist business because it’s not going so well at all. It’s so frustrated that the most of the clients are wasting my time and money. I did not make any profits from it. Deep inside of me, I really want to give up as a publicist. I did not waste 2-3 years of gaining knowledge in the field especially in the Entertainment and Fashion industry. Last week, I was thinking about starting an online fashion magazine that would cater to black fashion designers, stylists, and artists. Black people are not mentioning for their design work in the fashion industry. I’ve been blogging for a very long time that I  made a decision to make a profit out of it. I always knew that blogging was part my hobby. This time I would like to make money and make good living out of it.I’ve told to a  my celebrity stylist  friend and his mutual friend who used to run a very successful online magazine in Canada about my idea of creating a magazine for Black Fashion & Artist. I pitched in the idea to the stylist. He really liked the idea of creating an online fashion magazine for black people who are very interesting in fashion, art, and alternative culture.

Right now, I feel discourage from my publicist services. Most of the clients that I’ve encountered are mostly cheap. I don’t want to waste my time for someone who are not willing to pay for my quality services.  I will continue to blog  until the magazine is launch  in 2015.What I have notice that  I receiving  more emails regrading to my blog site than for my public relation services. I realized I gain more opportunity that way. We will see what is going to happen for the rest of the summer.


By the way I will continue to do my tube channel on fashion, politics, and beauty tips.

and Please