Are You a Hipster? Ask Opie & Anthony

I am not a big fan of the hipster scene. I have my own personal style. I can’t stand them*. Some of the hipsters think their smarter than you. I think it’s just a trendy subculture.

Check out Opie & Anthony on their point of view of Hipster

*The reason of why I can’t stand them is because they acted like they are broke. I feel like it’s a fraud culture.

I see a lot of them in Cambridge, Brighton, Allston and Downtown Providence.

Round Midnight With Billie Holiday’s I’m a Fool To Want You

This song reminds me of my ex turn friend. I still have feelings for him. I am not sure what the future holds for us. I was hoping that we can get back together again. Deep inside he does have feelings with me although he is with someone who takes advantage which I don’t really care. I know that he still have feelings for me. We’ll see for the rest of year.

First Outfit Picture and Ideal Outfits For the Fall Season!!!

I don’t usually post this but here are the picture of me. Yes, That’s the outfits that I will be wearing for my  job interview as a Visual Merchandiser for Forever 21. I named a list of store that I shop to get the ideal look. I usually shop online instead of going to store. I just experienced a very bad incident during Black Friday event from couple years ago! I promised myself to not get into the retail industry. Although I am blogger and I am very-well known in the Boston’s Fashion Community, might as well become a Visual Merchandiser at least I have experience as a male stylist that would give me a great ideas for my future blog post.

* I could not name all the actual items that I am wearing for my interview but I will give the name of the store to where I get it  from.



Black Boot:


Navy Blue Jean: H&M

Leopard Print Scarf: H&M

White Collar Shirt: Sears

Don’t mind my hipster glasses!

Here is my ideal outfits for this fall season

I like the flow hot pink dress pants. I was afraid that It would damage the bottom of the pants. I have a special thing for blazers. My main goal is to get all the solid colors blazer for every outfits including this coming winter season.

I am big fan of patterns especially strips. I need to make  purchases of long black and white strips. Flats is a must haves for this fall season. I wear flats all year around except summer.

Evening Jam- The Neigbourhood “Afraid”


The Neigbourhood is one of my favorite indie band based in California. One of my favorite song from them is “Afraid” , this song reminds me of my failed relationships from friends and past boyfriends, and  how I handle my depression. Although I am trying to hard to improve myself to be the most happinest person but when you have people in your life trying to bring me down especially when it comes to my career path, you have to cut them off completely.