Win a Chance to Get One Directions Make-Up and Concert Tickets!!

One Direction make up set


Each winner will receive 2 tickets to the One Direction “Where We Are” Tour Concert at Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, MA for Friday, August 8th, 2014, at 7:00pm. Transportation to/from the concert and lodging not included.

Winners will also receive 2 Make-up by ONE DIRECTION limited-edition collections of beauty essentials, housed in a collectible keepsake tin. Inside is everything you need to rock all your beauty looks on or off the stage. The 2 makeup tins will be randomly selected from the 3 available collections (Midnight Memories, Take Me Home, or Up all Night). Details on the 3 Looks Collection


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My Special Love Affair With London’s StreetStyle

So, I have a thing for London’s street style. I am big fan of street style especially in the London’s fashion scene. It makes me want to visit England so bad. I always wanted to go to England since I was a teenage . Dubstep,2 Step, Grime, UK Garage, Punk Rock and Ska are so huge in the music scene . I need to start saving up my pennies in order to visit London! Please I knew some few British photographers and bloggers!  One thing for sure is that I love accents! Accents =SEXY.


Black Fashion is always in!

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Men In


Great Time At The BoMA Showcase

That’s my boss Patrick, who owns Provida Gala Fashion & I

I attended the BoMA Showcase to show some love for local Fashion Stylist, Designers, and Jewelry Designers.  I am publicist for Provida Gala Fashions, It’s my job to bring publicity to the company, monitoring all social media kits, creating media kits materials.  I am pleased to meet all the people who have attend this wonderful event. I am a big fan of local designers, supporting your local designers will give a big boost for their business. Yes, Boston is slowly becoming a fashion scene but it’s not known in public.

Elle of Heart B3aers.

Sadie Barboza of D.T. Jewerly

Vanessa of Vanna Vain Vintage who featured in Essene Magazine for Fall Fashion Week.

Ashley Shavons

Fly Girl Couture

Patrick is networking and working lol

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Hill Zhou Photography

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Hill Zhou Photography

Vana Vain Vintage


D.T. Jewerly

Ashley Shavon

Fly Girl Couture

BoMA Restaurant & Bars

Fashion & Sex Goes Hand To Hand? Too Much Sex Appeal For American Apparel

One of American Apparel's recent controversial ads.


Well I already knew that the fashion industry is selling sex. Mind you, I love sex don’t get me wrong. When you see sex sells from magazine, newspapers, tv and pretty much It’s everywhere. Take a look at the American Apparel Ads ( check down below)  where you see most of the models are either half naked or showing some sexual positions. American Apparel are best known for selling sex.

When the news break out that the fact  the CEO of the American Apparel was fired for being weird , creep and some nonsense happening in the corporate that I don’t want to know the real facts on what’s going on with the CEO of the company. American Apparel have some nice stuff but their clothes are hell expensive. Who the fuck want to spend $60 on a African Pattern Skater Skirt, where I could get a custom-made for half the price.

I do not shop at the American Apparel. I don’t planned to shop there. I had a very bad experiences with them. The only item that I purchased from them was a big duffel bag. I spend $50 for the duffel bag because I need a weekend bag for my tour to NYC, New Jersey, and Phily.

I don’t think I would say any more about American Apparel beside it’s expensive, it’s promoting creepy sex appeal. Although I enjoyed the models, they all seems to be very attractive.



The ASA also banned this ad in the UK because it was deemed "exploitative" for sexualizing young women.



Check Out Wig Review: Freetress Equal Bebe Lacefront wig Curly Wig


Personally, I don’t wear wigs or weaves but I do see a lot of women who are wearing weaves and wigs this summer. I decided to post a video of Wig Review by Bougie Black Girl.  I think it’s a great idea to post a video about wigs and weaves. I am planning to post some youtube videos about my fashion & beauty tips.